Do you deliver?

No, we currently do not deliver. All orders are pick up only from our store.

Pre-orders for pick up and Walk-in is welcome.

Allergy Advice

Please note that we are NOT an Allergy Free Kitchen.

We are not able to guarantee that our products are free from ingredients that may affect those with food allergies.

Our products may contain gluten, dairy, eggs, nuts (mainly Almond) and may contain traces of other seeds and other allergens.

While every care and precaution is taken when baking, if you have any concerns or wish to enquire about our products, please contact us.

Are any of your items Halal?

Some of our items are Halal - you can search the tag #halal on our website.

However, we cannot guarantee that there is no cross contamination between our halal and non halal products. 

Storage and Shelf Life

We recommend that all our products be stored in the fridge as soon as possible after pick up and until ready to serve. 

All goods must be kept refrigerated below 5ºC and must not be left unrefrigerated for longer than 2 hours before consumption. 

Recommended shelf life is 3 days after collection.

Serving Tips

When serving cakes, we recommend a good, sharp knife be used for cutting.

Before cutting, heat your blade by dipping the blade of the knife in hot water then dry it, and slice through the cake. Continue this process for all other slices. 

Do you cater or wholesale?

Yes we do. Please send us an enquiry via our Contact Us page so we can discuss further.